Two Day Math And Energy Seminar Original Proposal

This is my original proposal:

Day 1 (Wed., July 14th — 9:00-12:00): Why are we talking about alternatives?

Day 2 (Thu., July 15th — 9:00-12:00): Other alternative options

  • Renewable Energy: Is the Answer Blowing in the Wind? (Issue 16, pp. 175, Environmental Issues)
  • Wind:
    • Denmark and wind power": "Is wind power a viable alternative to conventional electric power generation?" (Case Study 1, Environmental Problem-Solving, Isobel W. Heathcote)
    • The state of wind power
  • Methane from landfills/manure
  • Burning Trash!
  • Biofuels
  • Activity: Twisty turbines: angle and performance
    • Students will create wind/water turbines, and investigate the effect of blade angle.
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