Summary Of Cut Your Energy Bills Consumer Reports Article

Consumer Reports – 10/2009 “Cut Your Energy Bills”

Heating and cooling
• Eliminate leaks – caulk in particular
• Check insulation levels – and search for “ZIP code insulation program”
• Correct ductwork – seal leaky or poorly insulate ducts that run through crawl spaces, attics or other unconditioned areas
• Lock double-hung windows
• Open curtains on south-facing windows on cold, sunny days
• Home Energy Audit suggested efforts are located here:

Water Consumption
• Stop drips
• Watch the water heater: lower temp to 120 and insulate hot water pipes
• Lower flow showerheads, toilets, faucets (aerator)
• Don’t pre-rinse dishes before loading into dishwasher

• RecycleBank
• Recycle non-traditional items like batteries, printer cartridges, small electronics, CFLs and large electronics – just about everything can be recycled (see for recycling locations)
• Give away large household items to church rummage sale or other charitable group
• Start a compost bin for organic food scraps, or ask if local farmers market will take them [bet our church garden will take them! :-)]
• Take your own reusable tote/bags to Kroger, Target and other retailers

Electricity Use
• Move to CFL bulbs for most instances (don’t use CFLs if you require immediate bright light or if the light is only on for an instant)
• Arrange to have energy-efficient appliances
• Set your computer to hibernate
• Turn off lights when you leave a room

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