Steve's Class's Day 1 Presentation Outline


Steve will no doubt agree that we were raised by social activists who believed in stewardship.

I found myself becoming more interest in environmental issues in general when I heard some disturbing news in some math meetings in years past. Many years ago I heard a speaker say that global copper supplies would be depleted by 2020 (or some such); at any rate, it was some time in the near future, and I was astonished. In my lifetime?

Another year I heard a speaker say that the Ogallala aquifer would be depleted (perhaps by 2025). That aquifer nourishes all the midwest! What happens when that's gone?

So these "wake-up calls" got my attention, and I began to pay more attention. What I heard worried me. The climatologists say that things are bleak; the biologists say that things are bleak; as I paid more attention I noticed that even worst case scenarios were being exceeded. That's not supposed to happen! So — is it bleak yet?

Question set 1:

Why did you take time out of your life for this study?

What motivates you regarding climate change?

Graphs Gone Wrong

Let's start by looking at some data:


Here's another look at temperature — with David Attenborough

Let's also look at Keeling's CO2 data (I thank Al Gore's for bringing this to my attention, through his book Our Choice, and his movie An Inconvenient Truth).

More Introductions

David Letterman and Jim Hansen

I'd like to present two fellows, one whom you know and one whom you probably don't — both of them grim about the future.

Eric Craven

Now I want to you to meet someone you almost surely don't know, but should.

IPCC Report, and Question set 2:

  • What percentage of species are you willing to see go extinct?
  • How many meters of sea level rise would you be willing to accept?

Sea Level rise hasn't been modelled well.

Predictions are being exceeded, and the Fourth report is the grimmest yet.

Question set 3:

What would you like to explore relevant to GCC in our next discussion?

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