Some Milestones In The Blankenship Video

Don Blankenship — even more terrifying!

  1. 45 Seconds: November — Snow! How could there be global warming? Snow, for goodness's sake!
  2. 1:10: Greeniacs: Care more about the kind of car we're driving than they do the entire country.
  3. 1:30 Environmental zealots or geeniacs
  4. 2:25: Al Gore, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid — they don't know what they're talking about. They're totally wrong, spewing nonsense..
  5. 2:34: We need to share our more articulate, educated ideas; the public doesn't get it.
  6. 2:45: How can anyone say they're going to bankrupt the coal companies and be energy independent? (ael comment: Massey Energy could be ahead of the curve, exploring wind, solar, etc. — but No,….)
  7. 3:00: What about those Indiana bats: shall we put up windmills to kill them all?
  8. 4:03: Look what those Russians will do: Putin will shut off your gas supplies….
  9. 4:47: Our opponents are in that thar left communist persuasion…
  10. 5:07: People who are enemies … invokes Osama Bin Laden
  11. 5:35: Decreasing CO2 here will increase CO2 in China (no sense in doing anything here, eh?)
  12. 5:51: Increasing cost of electricity to the poor (here Don shows his love and concern for all humanity — except atheists and communists, Putin, the Chinese, Greeniacs, etc.)
  13. 6:09: Why would China follow us in CO2 emissions?
  14. 6:31: China hasn't followed on anything (so why would they start now?)
  15. 6:53: Greatest risk to the world is government — all they might do, for example, is protect the poor working man from predatory capitalistic money-grubbing companies that place profits above the lives of their workers.
  16. 7:22: We'll soon go from car, to carpooling, to riding the bus, riding mass transit, then walking (what's wrong with crawling?) From nice homes to sharing kitchens and bathrooms. That's what socialism is all about!
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