Paragraphs For Men's Discovery

As part of Bill's "Trojan Dragon" strategy for bring the reluctant to the GCD table, he intends to approach his Men's group about the issue of sustainability. He's asked us all to give him some theologically-based paragraphs to consider working from.

  • Pages 92-97 in Faith Seeking Understanding by Daniel L. Migliore
  • Bill might consider this astonishing quote by E.O. Wilson, noted biologist. This is from the forward to Adrian Forsyth's "Nature of the Rainforest". Adrian just spoke (5/19/2010) at the Barrow's Conservation Lecture Series, and he was fantastic. E. O. Wilson is one of the greatest living biologists. His quote includes the line "humanity is carelessly throwing away the Creation and relinquishing the chance to regain it.". The biological — scientific — evidence is overwhelmingly clear that we're engaged in this sixth major extinction event, which is being directed by humans. Are Bill's men's group friends aware of this? Could they possibly deny this, too? If God gave us dominion over the Earth and its creatures, how are we doing when we're responsible for a major extinction event?
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