Our Climate, Our Faith, Our Future


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Week 5: What can we do at MWPC or in other local faith communities? (Steve Long)

  • Elevate the importance of our environment in the minds of everyone in the congregation without getting into the unfortunate political aspects that have attached themselves to so many discussions about the issues.
    • Sermon at all three services (LP) that gently talked about the effects of some key areas (clean water, air, chemicals in food, etc.) and their impact on the health of the people in the congregation (and, of course, their children). If he could use local, undisputable facts (which we'd have to find), it would be ideal. In other words, raise an awareness of how this affects each of us directly.
    • Then it could move to the Christian aspect of how it affects other, less fortunate people, in our communities and around the world.
    • Stay away from global warming and all those alarms, valid as they may be, and suggest that each of us think about changes that we could make.
    • Every week in the bulletin, we could have an insight or tip. [less frequently than weekly, if necessary] These could include some of the more mundane tips (like CFLs), but hopefully might include inspirations and ideas people don't see every day. It might be possible to take it even farther, including it in Sunday School. We could also (if this is even possible) add a page to the web-site with lots of tips or with links to sites that were safe & helpful. The most important thing would be to keep it non-controversial.
  • Some thoughts on how to "market" global climate change
  • "Paragraphs" for Men's Discovery — Bill wanted an action item, and chose this.

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