A Plan To Solve The Climate Crisis, by Al Gore




Key notions

  • p. 127: Methane from Landfills (14% of all global methane emissions!)
  • p. 129: biogas —> electricity rather than biogas —> liquid.
  • p. 137: Mountaintop Removal called "obscene"
  • p. 138: Harriman, Tennessee coal sludge disaster, 12/22/2008
  • p. 147: Coal supply uncertain
  • p. 165: relative CO2 footprint of various energy sources (figure)
  • p. 186: The Sixth Great Extinction
    • Global Extinction graphic
  • p. 187: Carbon Uptake in Trees
    • Tree carbon sequestration graphic — nice statistical example of a chi-square distribution
  • p. 188: 2.5 degree C increase in global temperature implies that trees emit CO2; large wildfires increasing
  • p. 191: Keeling Curve: The Amazon makes weather for more than the Amazon
  • p. 208: Business as usual implies 11 degree F
  • p. 227: Population growth curve
  • p. 247: Electricity Use graphic
  • p. 331: Investment holding time figure
  • p. 337: Price of oil
  • p. 352: Rep/Dem split in belief in human-caused global warming: 19% versus 75% of college educated.
  • p. 366: Exxon Mobil identified with Evil, giving millions to front groups which "misinformed the public about climate change."

Favorite Quotes

  • p. 186: The distinguished biologist E. O. Wilson said in 1986, "Virtually all students of the extinction process agree that biological diversity is in the midst of its sixth great crisis, this time precipitated entirely by man." Tom Lovejoy: "Few dispute the proportion of species destined to disappear if current trends continue — that is, something close to half."
  • p. 186: So long as there is no price on carbon, the market system will continue to encourage the massive dumping of CO2 into the atmosphere and the wanton destruction of the forests of the earth. Once carbon is accounted for, the value of trees in absorbing large quantities of CO2 will, in many cases, far outweigh their value as timber.
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