Next Steps 6 29 2010 Gathering At Tucker Home

Immediate actions

  • JOAN/MARY LOU - Table with produce (under Caring for Humanity)
    • Some to SEM (Mary Lou)
    • Some available - donate to Hunger Fund
    • Who arranges that table is out and publicity provided?
  • THEO - Did you know….
    • Beacon
    • Beacon Lite
    • Bulletin
    • Who is doing this now, to assure we don’t step on toes?
    • How frequently for each?
  • KIM - Boxes in the narthex for bulletins
    • Slotted top
    • Signs made up that rotate weekly/periodically
    • Who is responsible for picking up paper and recycling?
    • Involve youth
    • Publicity as you see fit
  • STEVE – talk with Susan Federle about church library
    • Donate copy of What’s the Worst That Could Happen?
    • Other books that would be good?
      • 50 Ways to Help…
      • LP suggestions
  • Inform LP of these efforts
    • Include in our conversations with LP
    • Copy on our next steps note once we’ve cleared the activities with Sandy
  • LONGS – September gathering date TBA
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