Climate Projects

MacKay Project at Northern Kentucky University

Starting January, 2015, a College of Arts and Sciences Faculty/Student Collaborative Project.

Vignettes of Climate Change:

Andy Long's assemblage of some of his favorite insights about and experiences with climate change

Climate Conversations

Starting May, 2016, the idea is to get people talking about the critical issues surrounding climate change.

Faithful: RClimate Reproductions Project

This project began in January, 2015, after a discussion with Kelly O'Day about an "ideal": wouldn't it be ideal if every publication came with data and analysis files, to allow another scientist to

  • reproduce the results,
  • try other analyses on the same data?

Kelly and I agreed to attempt to re-create a figure from a paper by James Hansen, et al. as a start. I hope that this project will result in a collection of both

  • data, and
  • analysis,

allowing all of us to verify and extend the work of others.

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